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ASL Flashcard: Mom


To sign “Mom”, with your palm open, bring your thumb to your chin and tap twice.

Signing Tips

  • baby’s favorite person is Mom! Make the sign for “mom” whenever you notice your child looking at you or when you are referring to yourself or another mom.
  • when you are reading a book, watching a show or singing a song that uses the word “mom”, be sure to make the sign for it and say the word “mom” at the same time. This will help reinforce both the sign and spoken word with your child.
  • if someone else is with baby, be sure to get them to use the sign for “mom” whenever they are talking about you or referring to you to the child.
  • when you are first introducing the sign for “mom” try adding the word before regular sentences where you would use “I” instead use “Mom” or “Mommy”. For example instead of “I’m hungry” say “Mommy is hungry” or instead of “I want you to finish your food” say “Mommy wants you to finish your food”. Sign the word “mom” when you are saying the word. - See more at: http://www.icansign.com/babysignlanguageblog/2014/03/08/baby-sign-language-flashcard-mom/#sthash.I5MXpLvH.dpuf

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Printing Tips

  • when printing please set your printing option to “scale to fit” depending on what size paper you will be printing on.
  • the one sided colored flashcards work well on a 4″x6″ photo paper. After printing they fit well into a photo album for viewing. Another fun activity is to place them into old DVD covers. If you print duplicates, you can make it into a matching game!
  • when printing the double sided flashcards, be sure to check your printer setting to see which way to load your paper so that it prints each side the right way up.