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ASL Scrabble Game - SIGN-ABBLE


Scrabble is amongst the most popular board games - so why not make an American Sign Language version of the classic board game? Our iCANsign SIGN-ABBLE board game merges the fun aspects of Scrabble with American Sign Language. With ASL letters, practising your ASL abc's couldn't be easier or more fun!

Our printable ASL SIGN-ABBLE game can be used to continue practicing the letters A-Z, the signs for "Letter" and "Word".

Included are ASL letter tiles, a printable full size board that has been split into 6 - 8"x11" pages that you can cut out and glue together to form a board that is the same size as a store bought Scrabble board. A one file image has also been included to demonstrate what the final board looks like.

Some other ideas that our ASL Printable SIGN-ABBLE tiles can be used for:

  • Use the tiles to spell words, using a timer, see how long it takes for the other players to read the word.
  • Glue a small magnet to the back of each tile and use them to leave messages on the fridge or magnetic boards.
  • Use the tiles to make a special message to frame as a gift to someone who uses ASL.
  • Use the tiles to play a game of Hex-a-word. See who can find the most words from the tiles drawn.
  • Use the tiles to make a word - see who can read the word and sign back the ASL sign for the word first.

The ideas are endless - use your imagination and come up with some other fun ways to use our ASL Letter Tiles to play games, make gifts or just practice your ABC's.

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Printing Tips

Print out the ASL SIGN-ABBLE files on regular 8"x11" paper or take it up a notch by printing them in full color on photo paper or card stock. You can also laminate them to help them last longer and be baby friendly. Cut out the appropriately marked areas and glue your board together or onto a reused board or even place it under a glass frame. Use the same printer settings for each page in the printable file to ensure the tile size matches your board size.