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ASL Alphabet Chart


It is a known fact that the more senses you engage while learning, the more your brain retains the information so help your children learn how to spell and recognize their names, with this ASL Alphabet Chart.

Here are some ways to use the ASL Alphabet Chart to help your child learn the alphabet.

  • Singing the alphabet song never gets old! Try using the signs while singing with your toddler or have your child point at the letters on the ASL alphabet chart and ASL alphabet flashcards while you sign the letters. They will eventually be able to sign the letters with you.
  • Sign and say the letters in their name, place the ASL flashcards with the letters of their name out and get them to put them in the right order. Give them hints by signing the letters and getting them to associate what you’re signing with the sign on the correct letter flashcard. You could do this with the ASL chart as well – just get them to point to the letters in the right order. Be sure to get them to say the letter in the process.
  • Teach them how to sign their name by saying each letter while signing it to them. Go slowly so they can follow. Point at each letter on the ASL alphabet chart and ASL alphabet flashcards as you sign the letter.
  • Scramble up the ASL flashcards and get them to put them back in alphabetical order – giving them hints with signs when they need help.
  • Using the ASL alphabet chart and ASL alphabet flashcards, sign a letter to them and ask them to find it on the chart or on the flashcards. Get them to say the letter.
  • When they’re able to make the signs, a fun game is to finger spell words with them. It will become like a fun secret language.
  • You could also start to introduce phonetics to them by singing songs like “The ‘A’ says ‘ahh’, the ‘B’ says ‘baaa” etc.. and signing all along and pointing to the letters in the ASL alphabet chart and ASL alphabet flashcards.

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Print out the ASL Alphabet Chart and ASL Alphabet Flashcards on regular 8″x11″ paper or take it up a notch by printing them in full color on photo paper. You can also laminate them to help them last longer and be baby friendly or cut out the flashcards and insert them into a photo album or inside old dvd cases – this turns them into something more fun and hands on for your child.