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Family Signs: I Love My Family View larger

Family Signs: I Love My Family


The first of our sign language eBooks series is “Family Signs: I Love My Family.”

Our talented Sarah Kronick of www.SKillustrations.com, has created beautiful illustrations depicting different family relationships, and they are complimented by Sylina Dang's written text which helps to engage your child.

The focus is on family signs for the various members that make up a family which include: mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin (boy), cousin (girl) and baby. We also included the signs for “I Love You”.

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ASL eBook: Family Signs

Full Color

Download (5.5M)
ASL eBook: Family Signs BW

Black & White

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There are 5 easy steps to assembling our eBooks:

  1. Choose either the full color or black and white eBook file and print them on an 8″x11″ paper.
  2. Fold all the pages in half with the image side showing.
  3. Place all the folded pages inside the main cover page in numerical order.
  4. Staple the book together down the left side of the book.
  5. Take a piece of masking tape (the same length as the height of the book) and tape down the side of the book covering the staples (this is an optional step but is highly recommended to prevent any sharp staple ends from poking your child).

I hope you find these useful and please remember to share the love by supporting our efforts to encourage sign language with babies by subscribing, liking, following, pinning and posting any of our resources you find useful.