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About us


Baby Sign Language and Early Education

iCANsign is an online resource, intended for parents or caregivers who would like to know more about baby sign language. Our tools can be used to start teaching babies and children sign language. They can also be used, to advance any knowledge you and your children already have of sign language while enhancing early education. iCANsign is made up of three partners, Sarah Kronick, Keri Dang and Sylina Dang.

Sarah Kronick is our talented illustrator who has dedicated countless hours of work into all the creative images you see on our website. You can see more of her work at www.SKIllustrations.com or contact her at sarahk@iCANsign.com.

Keri Dang is available to help you with any questions or issues with both our Free and Premium Memberships. You can contact her in regards to any customer service concerns, media relations or marketing strategies at kerid@iCANsign.com.

Sylina Dang is our onsite blogger and webmaster. She is also the voice behind our Facebook and other Social Media. She can be reached at sylinad@iCANsign.com.

Together, we are three mothers who are very passionate about this project and hope to inspire other parents to start signing with their children. Let's work together to make this common practice for all parents and to help our children express themselves more effectively!

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We offer Free baby sign language resources such as flashcards, eBooks, dictionaries, charts and more! If you find our free resources helpful please consider supporting iCANsign and purchasing our Premium Membership which includes:

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Our Premium Membership works out to be only $1 a month! For only $12 a year, you will have instant access to all our resources as well as notification of any new resource when they become available. We are currently working on many more files and constantly adding new resources, so don't miss out!

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Your eBooks have really helped me to introduce my child to reading through sign language and it has been such a great transition to preschool. Thank you for providing these amazing files

Clara Shiraz

All the illustrations are so beautiful and not the typical images that I've seen on other websites. You have done a great job at making everything inspiring and engaging for myself and my children.

Eva Lo

I have been signing with my daughter for 2 months now and your resources have been great. Your website is easy to navigate to find the information I need. Thanks.

Frank P.