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Valentine's Day Printables


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With the help of our very talented illustrator Sarah Kronick, of SK Illustrations, we at iCANsign have put together some beautiful, free Valentine’s day printables. These are great to print out and send to your family and friends. Showing your loved ones different ways of saying “I Love You” is a gift in itself. Our Valentine's Day cards also come with a matching cutout envelope!

Sarah’s theme of love across languages and nationalities, is a wonderful accent to these free Valentine’s day printables. With a focus on American Sign Language, Sarah illustrates the universality of love. There are so many ways to express love, through words, symbols, body language and signs! Even before they can speak – babies intuitively know how to express their love and most have unintentionally made hand gestures to do so. American Sign Language (ASL) has provided a system whereby anyone of almost any age can express their love.

Now you can spice up an afternoon by dedicating it to a fun Valentine’s day craft. Get the kids excited about sending out their Valentine’s day cards this year with some hands on cutting, gluing and writing!

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Our free Valentine’s day printables are designed to be printed on 8″x11″ sized paper. It is best to set your printer to print borderless. It is also a nice touch to print them onto photo paper or card stock. We have created several printable versions of our inserts so that you can choose which one you would like to use. The envelopes are designed to be easily printed, cutout and simply glued in two spots which are labeled clearly.