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  • Baby Sign Language
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    Our top 10 beginner signs consists of the most popular signs that will make your child's early years a little bit easier!

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  • Bilingual Baby Flashcards
  • This cute Flextangle is a fun activity that has a hint of "magic" to it - how does it work?? Turn a piece of paper into an origami Kaleidocycle! Our free Valentine's Day Flextangle makes a cute gift! Just print out our printable file, fold the creases, add a little bit of glue and your done! We've also created a quick video tutorial to show you how...

  • Scrabble is amongst the most popular board games - so why not make an American Sign Language version of the classic board game? Our iCANsign SIGN-ABBLE board game merges the fun aspects of Scrabble with American Sign Language. With ASL letters, practising your ASL abc's couldn't be easier or more fun! Our printable ASL SIGN-ABBLE game can be...

  • The classic game of BINGO is a fun way to practice your ASL Christmas signs. Our Sign Language BINGO includes the signs for:Snow Star Reindeer Santa Claus Merry Christmas Peace Family Gifts / Presents Candy Elf Tree Stockings Bells Christmas Ornament Red Green Share Snowman Love Happy Candle Cookie Want Thank You Cold Happy...

  • There are so many valuable lessons to teach your child with regards to numbers. Starting them early is never a bad idea! If you are just starting off - check out our Beginners ASL Number Chart which includes the numbers 1-10. Our printable ASL Playing Cards can be used to continue practicing the numbers 1 to 10.

  • The first of our sign language eBooks series is “Family Signs: I Love My Family.” Our talented Sarah Kronick of www.SKillustrations.com, has created beautiful illustrations depicting different family relationships, and they are complimented by Sylina Dang's written text which helps to engage your child. The focus is on family signs for the...

  • To sign “Baby”, cross your arms in front of your body, then rock them back and forth as if you're rocking a baby in your arms. Signing Tipsbabies and toddlers are very curious about other babies and toddlers, make the sign for “baby” whenever you notice your child looking at another baby. many parents also refer to their...

  • To sign “Mom”, with your palm open, bring your thumb to your chin and tap twice. Signing Tipsbaby’s favorite person is Mom! Make the sign for “mom” whenever you notice your child looking at you or when you are referring to yourself or another mom. when you are reading a book, watching a show or singing a song that uses...

  • It is a known fact that the more senses you engage while learning, the more your brain retains the information so help your children learn how to spell and recognize their names, with this ASL Alphabet Chart. Here are some ways to use the ASL Alphabet Chart to help your child learn the alphabet.Singing the alphabet song never gets old! Try using the...

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Baby Sign Language

Early Education Starts at Home!

Communication before speech isn't just a catchy phrase - it's a reality that many parents and babies experience when using baby sign language.

It's never too early or late to start giving your child the tools they need to express themselves clearly.

Find out more about how you can get started.